The 3 Best Ways to Nurture Leads

Lead nurturing is an ongoing process that persists long past the first interaction. While some companies may cease contact after a lead fails to convert, those that are more attentive to their leads’ needs and stage in the lead generation process will take the time to help the lead move closer to a sale. This lead nurturing process considers the unique characteristics of each lead to tailor efforts in a way that will encourage the lead to become a dependable, converting customer.

Understand How and Where to Interact with Leads

Before companies can appropriately address their leads, they need to conduct some research. This initial legwork should be as comprehensive as possible as the best way the ensure that each lead’s needs are being addressed is knowing what they desire and how to most appropriately respond. For example, some leads may be ready to convert, but seek further information prior to selecting a company. Proper lead nurturing will identify the lead’s concerns and will send them the most appropriate resources. In addition to knowing what kind of contact is required, companies should understand which platforms and tools to utilize. Leads who have a preference for gathering information via social media posts would much rather be able to discover which products are on sale through weekly tweets. This kind of lead would therefore need to have a tailored lead nurturing strategy where social media outreach is the primary objective. While discovering all of this information about each lead may take some time, the improved understanding will make the lead nurturing process as simple and effective as possible.

Dedicate Appropriate Time and Attention

Have you ever gone back to a restaurant or store because of the exceptional service? Taking lead generation efforts the extra mile is what will leave a similar, positive reaction on each lead who makes contact with your company. This applies even when a lead is not quite ready to purchase. Instead of avoiding interaction with an interested, capable lead, something as simple as sending a checking in email or product update can catch their eye and maintain their general interest. Once the lead is ready to purchase, the companies who have continually nurtured their leads will be the ones to realize boosted sales. Without regular contact, these leads will not know or understand your company and will therefore either have to go through a lengthy lead generation process prior to making the decision to convert or will decide to take their business elsewhere. Companies can capitalize on the time and attention dedicated to their leads by relying on the characteristics of the lead and interacting with them in the most appropriate time frame.

Continue Interacting Post-Conversion

While gaining another customer sale is a primary goal of lead generation, why not take it a step further by encouraging each lead to become a repeat customer? Leads who have already completed a purchase with a company may be interested in coming back for either a related or completely new product or service. Knowing that the interest is present and having the conversion information for the respective lead can prove to be beneficial in lead nurturing efforts. There are many methods companies can utilize to foster a lifetime relationship with their leads, most of which highlight the company’s content. Content is key in lead generation and is therefore a vital feature to incorporate in lead nurturing outreach. Releasing relevant content on a regular basis will not only provide the lead with the information they seek, but can also peak their interest in something in which they may not have originally had a desire. In addition, offering promotions that relate to the lead’s needs can be the trigger for additional conversion. Since the lead has already converted with your company and had a positive lead nurturing experience, they will be more likely to trust your business and come back for future purchases.

Once companies have gained a thorough understanding of who their leads are then they can develop strategic lead nurturing efforts that will guarantee conversion. This devotion to leads will prove the company’s value and strengthen the positive associations held and shared with others. Thus, companies who are willing to devote the appropriate time and effort to their leads pre and post-conversion will be able to continually experience positive conversion rates.

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