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April 2016


How Many Calls Should Your Top Salespeople Make Per Day?

Trying to assign a firm, be-all-end-all number to sales best practices is tricky. While it’s always good for the sake of clarity to aim for specific numbers, it can be self-defeating and counterproductive to force yourself to adhere to a set number if your particular talents don’t lend themselves to it. When you think about how many calls a top performing sales person should make in a day, it’s important to remember that quantity does not equal quality. Quantity ≠ Quality Assigning a specific number puts the emphasis on quantity, or “busy work,” not on the process it takes to cultivate  ...


Sales Advice from Some of the Best People in the Game

A recent sales summit got industry professionals together to network and share some of their top insight into their success.Tim Clarke, the director of product marketing at Salesforce, shared tips from sales superstars, and we’re going to share the best of those snippets with you here to hopefully inspire you, too! Sales vs. the Internet “Rather than reduce the power of salespeople, the Internet made salespeople more powerful than before.” -Jason Jordan, Partner, Vantage Point Performance Some have argued that the Internet could mean the end of traditional sales forces, but according to  ...