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February 2015


Prospecting – The First Step of Lead Generation

Sales may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of lead generation, but prospecting is the essential prequel that creates positive outcomes. Prospecting is important not only because it identifies and qualifies your leads, but also because it sets the foundation for your lead generation strategy.   Dedicate Time It is essential to set aside some time each day to focus on prospecting. Since it is the initial step of lead generation, you need to ensure that you are capable of starting relationships on a positive note. You may not get a sale from every conversation, but  ...


The Power of Brand Reputation

What your current and potential customers think and say about your brand is key to determining not only your perceived reputation, but how you need to adjust your strategy given it does not match your internal brand appreciation. You may already have a positive brand reputation that aligns with your corporate objectives, but oftentimes there is misalignment between what you think your company stands for versus what your customers perceive. In order to maintain or improve your brand reputation we have come up with a few tips to help enhance the chatter about your brand.   Up Your Game A  ...


Need for Speed in Lead Generation

Streamlining your lead generation process not only improves your outcomes, but decreases the amount of legwork you have to complete. Noting how you can become more efficient in various aspects of lead generation allows you to focus on increasing the amount of high-quality connections made so you can see the best possible end results.   Ready to Respond You should always be prepared to respond to a lead’s outreach efforts. Although you may have initiated outreach three weeks ago, you should immediately and informatively respond to any outreach on the lead’s part. You want your leads  ...


Fresh Perspectives to Improve Sales Success

Following the same routine everyday can certainly get tiring. When you are trying to encourage prospective leads to work with your business, you don’t want to sound monotonous and lose the chance at a potentially profitable relationships. Get inspired to switch things up with these easy tips and watch how your new energy translates to lead generation success!   Ask Questions Instead of passively sitting in meetings, share your great ideas! Whether you are a new employee or have been working for the same company for years, your unique perspective can encourage conversation and spark  ...