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June 2015


Lead Generation Through Retargeting – An Enhanced Consumer Experience Or Big Brother Watching

Just about everyone has experienced the ubiquitous product ad that follows you from site to site as you navigate around the web, whether it is a camping tent or a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. Retargeting, sometimes referred to as remarketing, is a form of behavioral marketing that utilizes online tracking. A person visits an e-commerce website page containing a small text file, generally a JavaScript tag, which places a cookie in the Web browser the web browser the person is using to visit the site. The cookie may be keyed to the web page for a specific product, a shopping cart or a home  ...


The 3 Best Ways to Nurture Leads

Lead nurturing is an ongoing process that persists long past the first interaction. While some companies may cease contact after a lead fails to convert, those that are more attentive to their leads’ needs and stage in the lead generation process will take the time to help the lead move closer to a sale. This lead nurturing process considers the unique characteristics of each lead to tailor efforts in a way that will encourage the lead to become a dependable, converting customer. Understand How and Where to Interact with Leads Before companies can appropriately address their leads, they  ...


Why Your Sales Team is More Effective with Gamification

It comes as no surprise that people love video games–kids and adults alike. Contrary to popular stereotype, today’s average gamer is not a teenage boy glued to a screen for hours. Shockingly, the average gamer is now 31 years old and in fact, more gamers are over the age of 50 than those under 18. It’s obvious that video games have incurred great momentum over the years. This shift toward gaming interaction preference has changed the most ideal ways to teach, connect with, and excite adults – including your sales team. Here enters gamification. Gamification is a software system that  ...


Grassroots Lead Generation: Shedding Light on 4 Successful Marketing Efforts

Grassroots marketing is focused on reaching customers locally or in their community where they live and work, or businesses and the public locally to promote an organization’s products, services or message. It does not generally depend on mass media advertising and targets a smaller, more defined audience. Grassroots marketing is aimed at building strong relationships with the target group so that people in the group become vocal supporters; and pass personal recommendations to others by word of mouth. In this way, the marketing effort reaches a larger audience. Others have a tendency to  ...


Guidelines for Effectively Segmenting Your Audience Into Suspects, Prospects, and Leads

When making a sale, how do you know if you’re dealing with a suspect, a prospect or a qualified prospect? Knowing the difference will not only help organize your sales process, but it will give you insight into which tactic will most efficiently display the features of your product or service. The terms “prospect” and “lead” are often used interchangeably and they both follow behind the prerequisite “suspect”: Suspect: A broad term referring to anyone who is in your target audience, or someone who has influence over your target audience Prospect (Lead): Anyone who has taken steps to solve  ...


4 Crucial Components of Every Successful Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing incorporates results-oriented measures to boost the amount of qualified leads and resulting sales. Utilizing tactics that increase traffic, gather qualified leads and encourage conversion over time increases sales in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets. These four remarketing strategies address the opportunities of each lead to incur continuous, positive changes in sales.   Segmentation Each of your leads will experience the journey from prospect to customer in a unique way. One way to ensure that you are meeting your leads’ needs at each specific point  ...