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December 2015


How to Humanize the B2B Sales Process

Much of the business-to-business selling process has changed from the days when rounds of golf and extended lunches were used to develop a personal relationship to bring a sale to a close. Today’s digital age of computing and the Internet have allowed buyers more control to research and compare more thoroughly before engaging a seller, which creates a more informed level of decision making. It has brought the rapid acceleration of inbound marketing which in many cases has lengthened the business-to-business sales cycle. Buyers are more empowered, independent and demanding so it is  ...


Rules for Better Cold Calling

Are your customers being stolen by more enterprising and better trained staff? Is it because your competition is doing better cold calling? There is nothing more sad than a sales person who awakens too late to the fact that they need more appointments. We believe that Cold Calling and Prospecting are the cornerstones of what you are building for yourself. The Rule from Sandler is: “You can’t fail at Cold Calling unless you fail to Cold Call.” The time and effort you put into getting appointments for your clients will bring rewards in the months and years to come. Prospecting is not a  ...


Why Webinars are Crucial to Lead Generation

A webinar, the name being truncated from “web-based seminar,” is a presentation over the Internet in real time using video conferencing software often with VoIP audio generally in the form of seminar, lecture or workshop. The distinguishing feature of a webinar is that it is interactive between the presenters and the other participants who can submit questions and comments during the ongoing session. This distinguishes a webinar from a webcast, which has one-way data transmission and no interactive quality, or simply a streaming video. Webinars allow groups in discreet locations to  ...