Rules for Better Cold Calling

Are your customers being stolen by more enterprising and better trained staff? Is it because your competition is doing better cold calling? There is nothing more sad than a sales person who awakens too late to the fact that they need more appointments.

We believe that Cold Calling and Prospecting are the cornerstones of what you are building for yourself. The Rule from Sandler is: “You can’t fail at Cold Calling unless you fail to Cold Call.” The time and effort you put into getting appointments for your clients will bring rewards in the months and years to come.

Prospecting is not a “numbers game,” – it is a daily behavior. Cold Calling is not about success or failure, it is the objective of qualifying or disqualifying people with whom your client has the potential of doing business with. Develop a discipline where you are cold calling for 90 minutes then do administration work for 20 minutes. Repeat this four or five more time a day. After two three weeks it becomes natural behavior – habit.

Rules for Better Cold Callingmust-follow-rules

  • Don’t act as a salesperson, act like you are calling your best friend
  • Don’t answer questions, reverse and ask, “why do you ask…. at this time?”
  • Don’t tell, listen, you should talk only 30% of the time
  • Don’t assume- ask- no mind reading. If you feel it, ask it
  • Don’t bailout, have them hang up first
  • Do not become a beggar
  • Don’t be anxious, relax and be playful
  • Be clear on where your are in the process and what is the next step
  • Always do top down Calling/Prospecting
  • After the prospect answers your probing question simply say, “REALLY”

Time Commitment

If I am not willing to spend the effort to get what I want, then am I willing to spend the same amount of time coping with what I have?
IntelliConnection’s team of associates are trained to practice what we preach. All of our associates participate in on-going training to improve cold calling and sales skills. This in turn ensures that we are able to provide outstanding service to each and every one of our clients. We pride ourselves in our work and being the first line to growing our client’s sales teams and making them more profitable.

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