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November 2015


Five Ways to Gain a Competitive Advantage in B2B Sales

The business-to-business sales environment of today is highly competitive. Buyers have independent access to virtually unlimited information and often do not engage salespeople until late in the purchase process after having extensively researched their purchase decision. According to a Corporate Executive Board study of 1,400 business-to-business customers, buyers are now at least 57% through their purchase decision before they even first contact the seller. The research firm Gartner surveyed 700 buyers based on recently completed enterprise purchases who reported they spend only 32% of  ...


The 3 Biggest Mistakes Lead Generation Companies Make

Virtually every sales enterprise depends on a constant and continuous flow of new leads. It is vital to the success of the organization – suspects must become prospects in order to become customers. While lead generation is a necessity and can determine the success of the business, it is a very time consuming and laborious process. The Goal – Free Salespeople to Sell Salespeople are generally hired for their particular sales skills and specialize in person-to-person presentations, negotiation and closing the sale. However, many are compelled to spend a majority of their time trying to  ...