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October 2015


Scoring for Qualified Leads

Without a doubt, lead generation is crucial as the beginning of the sales process. However, generating a lead does not ensure a competed journey through the sales cycle and conversion to a sale. In a B2B sales environment, a marketing team may be focused on overall numbers, generating quantity on the theory that more leads will create more conversions to sales, and thereby more revenue. However, this is not necessarily the case. A prospect must have the intent and ability to purchase. In B2B environments, collaboration between marketing and sales is important to achieve success. The  ...


Optimize Lead Generation with Website Forms

In today’s online world, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are now more often prioritized in the lead conversion process. In fact, Page Rank, the algorithm Google uses rank websites in its search engine results, is being continually updated to reflect the significance of UI/UX. Routinely, websites with too little content are ranked poorly. It has also been speculated that “dwell time,” the time a person stays on a particular website before returning to the search engine results page, is a component of the search algorithm. While the exact tools and approaches used in the  ...


After Lead Generation … Lead Nurturing

Marketers expend considerable time and resources to generate leads, working to engage a visitor to the company’s website, trade show display or seminar event at least enough to gain contact information for future interaction. Generating the lead is the first step toward reaching the goal of converting that prospect into a customer. Today’s digital age of computing and the Internet has significantly changed lead generation, empowering buyers to control much of the sales process, particularly in the inbound marketing context. Buyers have easy access to readily available information to  ...


Why UI / UX Is Essential for Lead Generation

In the lead generation cycle, the most important step is the first interaction a potential lead has with your company. Today, this initial interaction often occurs online on a business’ website. For this reason, companies are now pouring considerable time and effort into optimizing their sites for lead generation. Just how are they doing so? It starts with good UI and UX design. Your design is key to a visitor’s overall experience, and has the power to bring about significant increases in conversions. Optimizing UX Design A business intent on building a strong, loyal customer base should  ...