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April 2015


5 Ways to Utilize Social Media in Lead Generation

Social media has become a staple in lead generation strategies. There are five simple and effective ways that you can utilize the outlet to boost your company’s sales and make your customer relationships more meaningful.   Do Some Research Before you implement a results-oriented social media strategy, it is essential to research your leads. Without a proper understanding of where your leads are present and the mediums that they go to for industry information, lead generation efforts could easily go to waste. One of the greatest capabilities of social media is being in the right place at  ...


The 8 Commandments of Lead Generation

The best way to establish a strong, results-oriented strategy is to base your tactics on a solid foundation. Lead generation’s most important characteristics can be trimmed down to 8 essential commandments that guarantee your hard work will result in success. Emphasize Warm, Not Cold, Calling – You can make a lengthy list of prospects more manageable by conducting some initial research. Discovering distinct characteristics and connections between your company and the prospects will make your conversations more meaningful and reduce the amount of “random” calls made. Social Media is Your  ...


The Lead Generation Process

Understanding the lead generation process can help companies realize how they can tailor their strategy to notice positive sales growth. Learning why it is important to define your target audience and knowing the difference between inbound and outbound marketing are only a few of the many considerations within the lead generation process.   Establish a Solid Foundation The lead generation process begins by defining which prospects fall into your target category. These prospects are included due to characteristics such as industry, role and more. These prospects are in your target because  ...


Lead Generation Ideas

Your lead generation strategy should be diverse so outcomes can be maximized. Whether your current lead generation efforts are producing lackluster results or if you’re just looking for a new way to boost sales — then check out these lead generation ideas that are both efficient and effective.   Optimize Your Website One of the primary goals of a website is providing leads with a simple way to get in contact with your company and learn more information about you, which can be achieved by utilizing an informative structure. This includes using large font for your phone number, address  ...