5 Ways to Utilize Social Media in Lead Generation

Social media has become a staple in lead generation strategies. There are five simple and effective ways that you can utilize the outlet to boost your company’s sales and make your customer relationships more meaningful.


ResearchDo Some Research

Before you implement a results-oriented social media strategy, it is essential to research your leads. Without a proper understanding of where your leads are present and the mediums that they go to for industry information, lead generation efforts could easily go to waste. One of the greatest capabilities of social media is being in the right place at the right time, but you first must discover where your leads are active, when they tend to be online and the information they seek.

Create a Schedule


Create a Schedule

As with any lead generation feature, creating a schedule is imperative. You want to be strategic in your use of social media, which can be more easily achieved by developing a consistent posting schedule. One of the main complaints of business activity on social media is the overwhelming amount of content posted. Find the perfect balance between information and annoyance will ensure that your leads will consider you a reliable source worthy of purchase consideration.


Relevant ContentPost Relevant Content

Personal stories and funny images may commonly appear on social media pages, but that doesn’t mean that they are appropriate for a business account. Determining a company’s brand image and tailoring the content to match that as well as leads’ needs can serve as a great guideline. Posting relevant content also means incorporating links to your website, form submissions and other tactics that gather lead’s information, which all have the ability to positively impact sales.

Listen Closely


Listen Closely

Checking out your company’s social media accounts as well as those of competitors and industry leaders can help you stay informed. Knowing what is of importance to your leads can help you discover what type of content to post. Keeping an active presence on social media will also allow you to address unanswered questions or prominent concerns in a quick and effective manner. Revealing your dependable manner via social media can lead even better customer relationships.


Tailor as Needed

You may notice that your leads have stopped “liking” your posts or that comments on a certain kind of article are more frequent. Discovering these intricacies will allow you to deliver the most relevant and informative content in a consistent manner. You may also come to find that a new medium is available, which may hold tremendous potential. Staying up-to-date in regards to outlets, content and your leads’ desires will allow your social media strategy to remain strong.

Incorporating these five social media tactics can help your company enhance customer relationships and promote future sales. Showing your leads that you are informative and responsive on social media will encourage them to stick with your company for years to come.

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