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July 2015


Social Media – Too Big for Marketers to Ignore

Social media encompasses digital platforms and apps dedicated to online communities of users, which allow people to engage with other people, events and brands in order to share information, personal messages, ideas or other content in a wide variety of ways. This sharing may be by posting comments, images or video; or by “friending,” liking, following or resending others’ posts. Social media makes it easier for users to join and be in such a community and communicate with each other on a more public and widespread scale. Since social media emerged over two decades ago, it has expanded  ...


Strategies for Offline Lead Nurturing

With the rapid acceleration of inbound marketing in today’s digital age of computing and the Internet, many companies are generating leads or inquiries with their online presence via their websites. The marketing task is to effectively capture these inquiries, channeling them as prospects into and through the sales cycle, bringing these prospects from the top of the funnel into qualified leads that eventually convert to actual sales. This is accomplished through lead nurturing. Internet computing has dramatically changed lead generation. In many cases, it has lengthened the sales cycle as  ...


When Retargeting Becomes Counterproductive

Retargeting or remarketing is an area of digital marketing that has shown explosive growth in the last few years, being offered by more and more online display ad networks. This service lets a business market to people who have visited its website using online tracking by placing a small text file or cookie in that person’s browser. The ad networks then place ads relating to the company or its products on unrelated sites the person visits. The concept is that these visitors have expressed active interest in a company’s products or services by visiting its website and therefore are strong  ...