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September 2015


Lead Generation – The Importance of User Experience

Sales companies, particularly in the inbound marketing arena, expend considerable time and resources to generate leads, working to draw prospects to the company’s website and to engage the visitor at least enough to gain contact information for future interaction. If the marketer’s lead generation efforts are successful in prompting a visit to the website, then the experience the visitor has on the site is absolutely crucial. If a visitor has a positive experience, the user is more likely to engage in further activity; however, if negative, the user will likely abandon the site and the  ...


Developments for Lead Generation on Twitter

Twitter enjoys great popularity among many users, including celebrities and politicians; and reports it has 316 million active monthly users and 500 million updates sent per day with 80 percent of those users active on mobile platforms. As such, Twitter appears to be a very attractive potential audience for marketers to build brand awareness as well as generate leads. The company has offered paid advertising through “Promoted Tweets” for a number of years. Some marketers have used the platform to promote brand awareness in a general way but many businesses did not find it to be an  ...


Facebook Ads – Measuring Lead Generation Success

Marketers in inbound sales are continuously looking to generate leads, and it is crucial to be able to accurately measure the success of such endeavors using actual data. A previous article discussed using Facebook Ads for a lead generation campaign and described the remarkable number of “drill down” options of descriptors that can be layered and filtered, allowing a marketer to precisely structure the desired target audience for a Campaign Ad Set. Similarly, Facebook offers an extensive range of metrics that are available to a marketer to evaluate a Campaign, Ad Set or Ad. Facebook Ad  ...


Lead Generation with Facebook – Campaign Objectives and Target Audiences

Facebook asserts that it has more than 1.4 billion users with more than 900 million visiting the site every day. Such an extraordinarily large audience is certainly attractive to marketers for potential lead generation, but also so large as to be unwieldy. Facebook offers paid advertising with tools and options to help marketers reach targeted Facebook users with their content. Facebook Ads Facebook Ads are placed in a user’s newsfeed, the stream of information a user views on Facebook, where the ads are likely to be seen. Facebook ads can be a powerful channel for generating leads with  ...


B2B Lead Generation: What Really Works

The internet has proven itself to be one of the most, if not the most, important technological advancements of mankind. It also allows for commerce to take place, with businesses being able to sell their goods to new customers all across the globe and the customers being able to buy what they want from the comfort of their homes. But as the internet grew, companies all began facing the same problem. They were being whitewashed in the sea of the internet, lost in an endless maelstrom of commercial webpages. The current revolution of digital marketing has helped cut through this with new  ...


Social Media Listening for Valuable Customer Insights

The prevalence of digital on-line capabilities has changed the consumer buying cycle. Consumers often independently spend the majority of time in the purchase decision doing research and comparison-shopping, acquiring information on their own without the seller even being aware. At the same time, potential buyers may be overwhelmed with too much readily accessible information, which makes buying decisions more difficult. Potential buyers may then seek trusted advice, often looking to what existing customers have to say about the brand, product or buying experience before making the  ...