How to Generate Real Estate Leads

The real estate market has seen its fair share of ups and downs within the last few years. Instead of subjecting your lead generation efforts to varied and unreliable economic factors, take a look at these essential tips that will ensure long-term success in the real estate industry.

Segment Targets

Segment Your Targets

Real estate lead generation is unique due to the way that leads can be either buyers or sellers. While having two types of leads may be a positive feature of the business, it is also makes it essential to segment your target customers into these two respective categories. Having a larger database of leads is beneficial for any lead generation strategy, but results can fall short when companies do not specify whether these leads are buyers or sellers. Before beginning to move prospective leads through the lead generation process, make sure your company has clarified which category that the target falls into so that their needs can be appropriately addressed.


Connect with EveryoneConnect with Everyone

Keep in mind that real estate is so much more than buying or selling a home – real estate can also include business locations, offices and government buildings. The wide range of potential customers in real estate lead generation therefore encourages businesses to make and keep in contact with as many people as possible. For example, when going to a government office or stopping by your favorite local business, leave a positive impression by being friendly, helpful and polite to everyone you meet. Having prominent leads in your corner will be of assistance when a big business or government purchase or sale comes around.


Be Present Online

Be Present Online and In-Person

Real estate leads can come from a variety of sources. Thus, maintaining an active presence online and in-person is what can different your real estate business from the rest. First, create an informative website that features a blog, social media and other relevant sources for your leads. It is key to incorporate several calls to action on your website including a phone number, email, address, submission forms and requests for more information. Next, as far as in-person contact goes, make it a point to be present at notable community meetings, networking events and any other situation where potential leads may be present and actively seeking a real estate business.


Build Trust

Continually Build Trust

The real estate business is notorious for referrals. The impact referrals can have on a business is tremendous, making follow-up and check-ins necessary lead generation tactics. While some companies may drop their leads after converting them to customers, smart real estate businesses will continue to foster the customer relationships that they have created. Future connections can be as simple as sending a thank you note, writing out an email or having a short phone conversation. No matter the outreach utilized your customers will only continue to improve the amount of trust they have in your business and promote more mutually-beneficial relationships.

More buyers are looking for houses now than they have in the past six years. Buyers need to know that houses are being purchased again at market value or even above that so they can set their expectations accordingly. Sellers should seek professional advice on pricing their homes and ways to stage rooms so they can make the biggest impact on buyers. With interest rates on the rise, more buyers and sellers will be looking to close before rates rise further. Since the housing market is doing far better than recent years, it is even more important to foster strong real estate relationships and maintain a positive image within the community and online.

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