3 Lead Generation Strategies for 2015

With the New Year around the corner, many of us have begun reflecting on our personal resolutions for 2015: eating healthier, working out frequently, spending more time with family. But while we’ve thought about how to improve ourselves in the coming New Year – what about how to improve our lead generation strategies? Here are three methods to help your company ring in 2015 with a greater number of high-quality leads:


Crafting a Story: “Brand storytelling” – or the creation of narratives to sell your business/ product to prospective clients – rapidly came to the forefront of lead generation in the latter quarter of 2014. This trend in content marketing, which includes company blog posts, personal testimonies, and social media, is expected to continue to expand in 2015 with an increased emphasis on multi-media content. According to Ashley Kemper, senior marketing strategist, “Marketers [and consumers] are moving towards engaging content with rich media.” She recommends incorporating sight, sound, and motion into company content, with a particular emphasis on video content. This strategy will also improve a company website’s Google ranking according to the Hummingbird algorithm. Essentially, this new “conversational search” is prepared to answer a searcher’s questions, and a company is more likely to be ranked highly on Google by creating authoritative content in a conversational tone – not just by deploying industry keywords.

Unique Personalization: No, we’re not just talking about having an individual’s name on the subject line of your email campaign. Personalization will continue to become more catered to the individual – and to the experience of the individual. Website automation services, such as HubSpot and Salesforce, allow B2B marketers to change the delivery and content of an individual’s experience based on their context. Accessing the site on mobile? There might be less content for a cleaner viewer. Typing the domain name directly into Google? That user’s experience will be different than someone who accessed the site from Twitter. The personalization can also change based upon the individual’s profile; for instance, a software company will see different content and value propositions on a site’s homepage than a manufacturing business. If your company does not yet have the ability to customize a user’s website experience, investing in a comprehensive marketing automation software is a must for 2015.


Reallocation of Resources: Revamping your lead generation strategy in the New Year doesn’t necessarily mean adding more dollars; it’s all about reallocating your already-existing resources. In 2015, there will be a shift away from outbound marketing and toward inbound In fact, we already began seeing this shift in 2014: according to HubSpot’s State of Inbound marketing, over 40% of respondents had already began emphasizing inbound marketing. This shift can be attributed to the evolving behavior of the consumer. The buyer now has access to increasingly more information, so it only seems natural that marketing should focus on reeling visitors’ attention in (inbound marketing), rather than having marketers go out to get the prospect’s attention. Begin removing budget from PPC, direct mail, and print advertisements, and move that money toward content marketing on topical blogs, videos, and webinars.

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