IntelliConnection delivers innovative and affordable business process outsourcing and lead generation solutions for all industries. Our capabilities are multi-faceted and allow the flexibility to deliver strong and quality services to a wide variety of businesses. With customized lead targeting campaigns, IntelliConnection quickly increases the number of leads and actual set appointments on your sales rep’s calendars. We build qualified prospects based on your industry, culture, and overall business needs in order to personalize our lead generation efforts.

With over 30 years of sales experience, IntelliConnection hires and maintains account executives from a variety of industries, ensuring that you have the most qualified lead generation expert setting appointments for your team. We truly meet you where you are at, focusing on providing a quick and lasting ROI for your team. Below are just a few examples of industries that IntelliConnection’s team currently serves. Contact us today for more details on how we can help generate leads in your industry!

We Specialize In
Software companies are constantly changing. IntelliConnection services help software companies quickly generate leads and expand into new markets.
IntelliConnection delivers proven client acquisition and retention solutions to the Tax and Accounting firms, two of the biggest players in the financial industry.
Technology companies must constantly be innovating. Invest your resources in tech while leveraging IntelliConnection to boost sales and marketing.
Globalization, increased competition, and a tighter regulatory landscape keep financial companies busy. IntelliConnection will help keep sales & marketing bringing in new leads.
Deliver more live conversations in much less time without additional sales staff. Generate a steady flow of conversations, eliminating dialing & providing accurate, real-time activity reports to sales managers.
Intelliverse's experience in working with other environmentally concerned organizations has given us insight on how to help convey your value propositions to your audience.
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