Our Process

Our inbound and outbound sales telemarketing process leverages a proven sales methodology. The basic concept is simple: we believe in never making a cold call. This is achieved quite simply by first establishing a positive relationship with your potential customer!

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Training, Our Process

IntelliConnection's lead generation process for our customers is composed of several key components

Quality Team Members with Full Training All of our team members are trained on a basic proven sales process.
Data Mining and Reporting We provide all of our customers with real-time information pertaining to their campaign including the ability to run reports and listen to recordings 24 hours a day 7 days a week through our client portal.
Ongoing Communication From the very first introductory call through weekly meetings with your sales team, we ensure that there is open communication as your sales and marketing campaigns evolve.
Continued Enhancements and Refinement We understand that campaign objectives and goals do not necessarily fit every business. We work with you to ensure those goals are on track and meet your objectives.
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The process is simple - if a potential customer does not need your services, there is someone out there that will! By fully engaging our customers and giving them our focus from beginning to end, we guarantee that each of the leads that we deliver is a quality lead. When you speak to each lead, you can be assured that they will be fully engaged from the time we deliver them to you.

The basic rules not to follow when trying to generate a lead are:

  • Cold calling destroys yours status as a business equal
  • Cold calling limits your production and earnings potential
  • Cold calling makes timing work against you
  • Cold calling fails to find the pre-qualified prospects we all need
  • Cold calling puts you in a negative light and annoys people
  • Cold calling may get you in trouble with the law
  • Everyone hates making and receiving cold calls

We feel that providing our agents with the best training in turn provides our customers with the highest quality leads. Let IntelliConnection handle generating new leads for you with our proven approach to sales lead generation. Our fully trained staff is well versed in the proven principles of lead generation to ensure that every lead is a golden opportunity.

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