Hampton Roads Technology Council (HRTC)
Lead Generation Case Study

The Hampton Roads Technology Council (HRTC) is the technology nerve center for the southeastern region of Virginia named Hampton Roads. Through significant initiatives, this member-driven non-profit organization is transforming the region and its technology companies into world-recognized technology leaders.


HRTC throughout its history has recognized technology driven companies in the Hampton Roads area. Receiving an award from the Council is a prestigious honor. This year HRTC expanded the awards to include two new categories: Embracing Technology and the STEM Educator Award. These accolades highlight technology through the successful implementation of a technology-based solution in a non-tech company and an educator’s challenge of teaching technology in the classroom.

HRTC required a business partner to provide an array of targeted candidates to select from the business sector and the educational arena for their awards gala.


The organization had several lead generation vendors to choose from and selected IntelliConnection (formerly TeleArk) for its well-defined process oriented approach and its willingness to provide a tailored solution that met the unique needs of HRTC. After meeting with the President/CEO and the Executive Director to discuss and determine an effective campaign, IntelliConnection proposed a unique, tailored solution, incorporating elements from three of its most effective methods of informational campaigning:




IntelliConnection then blended elements from these techniques into a 30-day campaign that focused on the target audience. Completing this process and receiving a customized database from HRTC, we could strategize and compose the scripting.


The IntelliConnection campaign enabled HRTC to achieve its objectives with quality results on schedule and in budget. Through a comprehensive, targeted campaign, the organization was able to select from a host of nominees and provide the winners of the awards a spectacular evening and a well-warranted acknowledgment for their endeavors.

HRTC has been very pleased with the solution. According to its President/CEO Tim Early, "IntelliConnection understood our requirements and developed a campaign that helped us achieve our goals."

The Council (www.hrtc.org) continues to strengthen the technology sector in Hampton Roads by linking Hampton Roads' technology businesses with investors, legislators, educators, support organizations, and other critical resources.