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Ten Reasons to Outsource Your Cold Call Prospecting

Few, if any, sales executive or salespeople will cite cold calling and prospecting as one of their favorite tasks. So from a strictly financial perspective, does it make sense to outsource your lead generation and cold call prospecting? Here's a quick look at the top reasons that businesses turn to Sales Process Outsourcing (SPO).

Modern B2B Sales - Effective Sales Process

Only 38% of an inside sales rep’s time is spent on direct sales activities. “Ouch”. Today there is an unprecedented level of scrutiny into sales operations and demand for more reliable revenue production and forecasting. Few executive management teams are willing to leave sales alone and hope for the best. Increasingly, a key component in improving this situation is having a resource that supports sales team efforts, increasing the time they are in front of prospective customers.

How To Present Your Services and Products With Little Resistance

How well do you tell your sales story with power, believability and behavior? How effective are you at virtually guaranteeing that your prospect will become a customer? In order to do this successfully there are two simple principles to keep in mind, no matter what you are selling. First, people buy anything they will buy for their reasons, not yours (or mine). Second, prospects expect salespeople to exaggerate the value of their product or service.

Sales Ethics: Oxymoron or Opportunity?

A study in Business Horizons magazine from Indiana University, found that customers increasingly base their buying decisions on whether they believe a company is ethical. Credibility has replaced depth of product knowledge, trust has replaced being likable, and partnership has replaced relationship. Cynicism promotes fickle buying habits. If we wish to improve our relationship with our clients, we must let them know that when they participate in undertakings with us, it benefits the health and wealth of their company.