Modern B2B Sales - Effective Sales Process

Only 38% of an inside sales reps time is spent on direct sales activities. "Ouch".

Today there is an unprecedented level of scrutiny into sales operations and demand for more reliable revenue production and forecasting. Few executive management teams are willing to leave sales alone and hope for the best.

Many companies strive to balance the efforts of available resources to maximize sales productivity. Increasingly, a key component in realizing this vision is having a resource that supports sales team efforts and increases the time they are in front of prospective customers.

IntelliConnection ensures that 70% to 80% of you sales associates' time goes toward direct sales activities. We know nothing can happen unless we are on the phones.

IntelliConnection's Consistent Lead Qualification and Rating Model

Grade every potential customer according to his or her likelihood to make a purchase decision. This score may differ according to product, sales person who will be taking the appointment, geography or business sector. IntelliConnection's Sales Qualified Opportunity (SQO) always includes:

Identify at least one issue, concern or problem where the prospect’s 'reality' is below their 'expectations'.

The prospect has acknowledged the wish to resolve and move their realities closer to their expectations

Ensuring the prospect is the decision maker

The prospect meets the factors identified as your – 'Ideal Prospect'

IntelliConnection's Focus on Hiring the Right People, Managing and Motivating

IntelliConnection focuses on having the right inside sales people on our team. Thus superior results are sure to follow. IntelliConnection is one of the only Sales Process Outsourcing companies with a certified sale trainer on staff. IntelliConnection‘s sales associates have skill sets, confidence and discipline that has set the industry standard.

IntelliConnection Building Blocks for an Effective Sales Team

'Sales' is a measurable, predictable discipline that is driven by productivity metrics, made explicit in IntelliConnection's strategic plan. The average inside sales rep makes 300-500 new contacts per month whereas the IntelliConnection sales associate averages 660 new contacts per month.

IntelliConnection's Sales Associates Deliver a Consistent Sales Message

With each phone or email contact, your IntelliConnection sales associate has a pertinent and current call guide and “script” that encapsulates the appropriate message for each particular prospect, delivering the first two steps in the sales cycle. We first 'qualify and set' Sales Qualified Opportunity (SQO) appointments which are designed, fine-tuned and tested in advance.

IntelliConnections Sales Associates Have Easy Access to Pertinent Market Data

Before making the first phone call or sending the first email message, IntelliConnection’s Sales Associates have relevant information about your business. This could include literature, fact sheets, your company footprint, training delivered by you.

You now understand why companies outsource their ‘sales processes’ to IntelliConnection. Your company will benefit from us handling the front-end steps of the sales process:

We offer Lead Generation, Cold Calling, Qualifying Leads to Prospects, and Setting an Qualified Sales Call Appointments for businesses.