Lead Generation for Technology Companies

The high-tech industry is complex and knowledge-intensive and the pace of change is historic. While the high tech industry faces numerous challenges, the opportunities are huge. One of the key components of success in this industry depends on having a vision of how new tech innovations will meet the demand of new markets and create new opportunities. Another big factor that can be challenging in the high-tech space is the fact that it’s a capital intensive industry. However, even with adequate funding, high-tech companies also need to find ways to mobilize their salesforce and quickly meet the demands of the new markets and technology – and strike while the iron is hot.

This is an even greater challenge for startups. Resources are definitely limited on the technology side as engineers are still building it. And even once it’s built, the technology development must continue as customers expect technology to stay cutting edge. Plus, resources need to be available for on-going service and support. Your team is only human and realizes that you can’t do everything,..

Expectations are higher

Time frames are shorter

Resources are limited

The National Venture Capital Association estimates that 25% to 30% of venture-backed businesses fail.

Unfortunately, too many businesses fail and not because they didn’t provide a valuable product, but because Sales and Marketing were sacrificed along the way, and the product never took off. As with survival of the fittest, the companies that survive are the ones that adapt the fastest - by differentiating themselves in a competitive marketplace, by getting their product to market quickly and by optimizing their processes – including their lead generation strategies. It’s about finding every competitive advantage to ‘survive and thrive’. Successful technology companies are therefore embracing innovative sales automation tools and appointment setting solutions to expand their service offerings to new markets quickly - to accelerate revenue growth and make their business more profitable.
Tech salespeople are great at closing the sales, but not the best at finding leads and generating sales opportunities.

That’s where IntelliConnection makes all the difference. By putting us to work, we can do what we do best - expand your sales funnel and generate a plethora of qualified leads for your business. Based on our proven business practices and lead generation strategies, we can generate more business than ever before and optimize your sales strategy. IntelliConnection can also provide you with feedback and insight from the marketplace that either validates your sales strategy or gives you a new perspective that might resonate better with your target market.

You and your team are experts of your product and it’s where you are needed the most: focusing your resources on your technology and selling the actual product.

Put us to work and leave your lead generation to IntelliConnection. We are the experts at generating leads and setting appointments with qualified prospects. You and your team handles the rest and closes the deals.

Lead Generation / Appointment Setting Service for Technology Companies

Services include:

Appointment Setting

Lead Qualification and Lead Generation

Sales Prospecting

Instant transfers of “Hottest” leads

‘Inside Sales’ to expand your sales team

Sales Automation for Technology Companies

Web-based, Sales Automation Software for inside & outside sales teams

Propels leads through the sales process & dramatically increases call velocity

Auto Logging of CRM = Improved sales reporting metrics

Shortens sales cycles & expands revenue opportunities

Local Presence significantly increases answer rates

Actionable reporting provides on-demand stats

Gamification drives healthy competition & motivates salespeople

Plus More!

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