Lead Generation for Financial Services

Globalization, increased competition, a tighter regulatory landscape and new market opportunities are all forces that are driving widespread changes in the financial services industry. These new realities are forcing financial services companies to differentiate themselves from their competition and find every feasible advantage in the marketplace.

IntelliConnection provides innovative and proven lead generation and appointment setting services to generate financial services leads - that produce real business results and increase revenue and profits. Whether you want to introduce a new product line or venture into a new market space, IntelliConnection can help you do it more quickly, effectively and economically.

Empowers your sales organizations with the best lead generation services and sales acceleration tools

Improves your business model and sales organization by dramatically increasing leads and enabling your salespeople to close more opportunities

Produces profitable sales campaigns that quickly move your financial organization from protective mode to growth mode

Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Financial Industry

Unfortunately, 63% of customer leads fall through the cracks and never get followed up on, and sadly become lost leads and lost opportunities, according to a study of 10,000 companies conducted by Forbes.

According to The Lead Response Management Study, it takes 46 hours and 53 minutes to pick up the phone and respond to a lead, even though the odds of qualifying a lead are 21 times greater if the prospect is contacted within 5 minutes (compared with a 30 minute response time).

On a more positive note, a Bancography study found that a bank can triple its share of wallet with each new product its customers buy,

and moving a customer from one to four products increases the revenue that customer generates by 730 percent. Increasing the products per customer (or cross-sell ratio) equates to a net-new revenue growth opportunity of 300-800% for the bank. For large banks, this can equate to as much as $1.5B in additional revenue per year.

The financial industry is a big arena composed of many services and disciplines that greatly benefit from our business process outsourcing, lead generation and sales automation solutions. Our vast experience provides a thorough understanding of the specific strategies and methods needed to be employed in order to help financial companies generate leads and build up their customer base.

Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Financial Industry

IntelliConnection has a proven track record and hands-on experience in the financial services industry – from accounting firms to institutional banks – and understands the types of customers seeking financial advice or services. This enables us to design a customized lead generation campaign that delivers measurable results specifically suited for the financial services sector. Our lead generation services are based on a process-driven methodology and targets relevant prospects that generate qualified, warm appointments for your salespeople. We help you achieve growth by generating compelling sales campaigns that deliver qualified leads and sales appointments – which lead to higher conversion rates and ROI.

Services include:

Lead Qualification

Sales Prospecting

Hot transfer of your “hottest” leads

Appointment Setting

Inside Sales

Inside Sales Automation

Whether you’re a small or large financial organization, IntelliConnection’s Inside Sales Automation will enable your sales agents to increase productivity by more than 50%, connect with more prospects and close more deals.

Benefits Include:

Eliminates Dialing / One-Click Dialing

Automates CRM Logging = Accurate Sales Metrics

Pre-Recorded Voicemail Messages

Local Presence Dialing

Real-Time, Actionable Reporting


And More!

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