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Software providers have to be extremely innovative, competitive and dynamic to survive in the business world, especially in this day and age. Ever-evolving technologies, changing customer preferences and reduced time-to-market create fierce competition and software providers need to find every competitive advantage to survive and thrive.

According to Gartner, the market for SaaS (Software as a Service) applications will grow from $20 billion in 2013 to $33 billion in 2016, with a compound annual growth rate of 19.5%. A Compass study shows that SaaS is growing nearly 3X as fast as software as a whole, and that 72% of all SaaS startups are at least partially funded.

These stats are promising news for SaaS startups and existing software businesses. Yet, even with the huge potential in this industry, nothing is a given, and competition ends up creating winners and losers. Often times, there is only so much a software company is able to accomplish on its own in regards to lead generation and sales acceleration. Therefore, what can software companies do to improve their odds, gain success and stay on top?

That’s where an outsourced lead generation company with extensive expertise in the software industry is able to maximize a software company’s sales potential. This is accomplished by providing lead generation solutions and sales automation tools that transform how a software company generates and maximizes sales leads and opportunities.

Intelliconnection strengthens your software sales performance and profits by expanding your sales pipeline with a dramatic increase in the number and quality of leads and appointments, therefore optimizing the sales cycle for maximum ROI.

Lead Generation / Appointment Setting Service for Software Businesses

IntelliConnection has extensive experience accelerating sales efficiencies and boosting sales performance for companies in the software industry. By identifying and targeting qualified prospects and setting up sales-ready appointments , we’re able to increase the number of connections and opportunities for your salesforce, whether you’re a Silicon valley startup or an already established SaaS company .

The IntelliConnection account team consists of an account manager as well as a team of professional appointment setters that will be trained using our proven lead gen practices that are in accordance with your company’s solutions. What that means is we create a targeted and custom lead generation program specifically for your software business. Your dedicated IntelliConnection account manager selects and trains a team of professional appointment setters that will ensure that your company has a continuous flow of qualified leads and appointments flowing into your sales pipeline.

Total visibility to monitor ROI and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) of your on-going calling campaign

24/7 Access & Transparency - to access reports and listen to all recordings

Experienced & professional U.S. Based agents - qualified to engage with C/VP level decision makers

Best-in-class scripts and messaging – custom designed for your targeted prospects – and that meet and deliver the objectives of your sales organization

Inside Sales Automation

IntelliConnection’s Inside Sales Automation is an innovative sales solution that slashes the time it takes for your salespeople to connect with live prospects – dramatically improving your salesforce’s answer rates by more than 50% -- which leads to an increase in quantity and quality of leads—and more sales.

Eliminates Cold Calling

Automates CRM Logging = Provides Management with Reliable Metrics

Pre-Recorded, ‘Polished’ Voicemail Availability (Mix & Match with Live Messages)

Local Presence Calling (Local Area Codes Boost Contact Ratios)

Real-Time Reporting = Provides Instant Feedback

Gamification to Motivate and ‘Amp Up’ Your Entire Sales Team

Plus More!

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