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November 14, 2014


4 Mistakes That Are Costing You Leads

Investing in a wide range of lead generation strategies, from cold-calling to social media posts, is essential for your business’ growth and future prospects. However, simply investing in these techniques does not guarantee results; instead, effective lead generation strategies must be continuously evaluated and adapted based upon what’s proven to succeed — and what’s proven to be a mistake. Below are four common lead generation errors for your company to look out for:Follow-up Time: Piquing prospects’ interest in your product is the hard part; the follow-up should be easy. Unfortunately,  ...


Top Questions You Should Always Ask Your Lead Generation Firm

Hiring a lead generation company will help grow your business and provide you and your sales team with the qualified leads needed to generate sales and build a revenue pipeline. The right lead generation company can help you save money and allows your sales people the time to do what they do best…sell. As an accredited lead generation and appointment setting company, IntelliConnection has crafted a few questions that you should always ask your potential lead generation company to ensure a seamless transition and optimal ROI. Why your company? With so many companies claiming to ‘generate  ...